About My Work

The images in my work have evolved over some time from constructed symbols, to invented symbols for eternity and ascension, to figures ascending and falling in space.

The last abstract work involved taking interlace eternity designs–mostly based on the number 3 for the Trinity, or on the number 7 for Perfection–and animating them into a twisting and spiraling physical presence. A persistent impression of ascension dominated these works. Soon the images began to be reminiscent of figures in Last Judgment paintings, and so came a shift back into figuration.

As the imagery evolves, however, the underlying subject of the work is unchanged. That a given meaning — the particular vision, or intuition, of the artist — is somehow contained in the constructed substance of his or her artwork is itself an interesting subject. For Christians this idea is filled with nuances unfolding the idea of incarnation.

As I assemble and construct the surface of the pictures in a grid of found materials, a specific crafted quality results. In addition, every physical material carries associations which interact with the images paced upon it. It is intended that all of these ideas resonate in my work.